Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson / Sharon

Book Review

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson is an inspirational and moving book; although I found it a bit predictable in places it is still an enjoyable book to read. The person who inspired me most in the book is Ben’s mother; she is the reason why I read this book.  

Sonya Carson raised her sons Ben and Curtis to believe that anything is possible.  She is the one who  taught them that hard work would get them what they wanted and that they weren’t just entitled. Ben’s determination and courage to become a surgeon when the odds are stacked against him is admirable.

Ben has a strong Christian belief, which helped him through his darkest days. I’m not religious however reading the book made me think about what gets me through not so good days.

For me this book is worth reading because it made me both smile and sad in places. I really wanted Ben to succeed and followed his journey of highs and lows. Ben Carson was always going to succeed there’s no doubt about that.

Gifted Hands is a short book and I read it over three days. This book made me think differently about things for a while; I still read Ben Carson’s inspirational quotes when I need to.

Overall a good book. 

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