Monday, 8 October 2012

World Mental Health Day October 10 2012

MIzzling rain here at the Clarendon Day Centre on the rind of Wood Green - view: grey asphalt and a topheavy copper beech.
Here are some of the team's thoughts for WMD 2012:
 Marco: worried about budget cuts and bashing of the vulnerable by the Coalition.
Nigel: Where is the reality of personalisation?
Olive: wants to deinvent psychiatry, overthrow the medical model and replace it with a much more holistic approach involving formulation not 'diagnosis'. Much more care should be allocated to those in distress - really finding out about them and their lives in a 360 degree way, not just as a number. Lessen the 98% 'treatment' which is pharmaceutical.
Dev: be  careful to support  those in distress with much more sensitivity to their culture.
To be continued...