Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Art Review

I was recently asked to be an art critic; I found myself jumping for joy because I love creativity, whether it’s painting, drawing, colouring or writing, I find myself very much at home; the healing power it produces makes me ecstatic.

I am looking at Denica Charlery’s art work; it is very bold, bright and colourful. She loves shapes, from circles to crosses and even the Jewish star (which represents male and female) and a Celtic-looking cross. No two pages of her art are the same, all as individual as thumbprints. Black snakes, zigzags – her imagination is as wide and varied as one could ask for; she has even gone as far as to not fully colour some of her designs, which reminds me of the cartoon character Rhubarb and Custard (that might jog some memories for a few people, and it might give an idea of my age to you, the reader!). Denica has also done a cartoon style face with a crown that I’m assuming is a king. In another picture I see thought bubbles, like the type you get in cartoon magazines, starting small and getting bigger. Oval shapes, flowers, tear drops, stained glass window arches, churches, trees, clouds, diamonds, jars and cups…. She has a very beautiful imagination. I would say the sky is the limit and as the old saying goes ‘if you aim for the stars, you land on Mars’. I would love to see her go on to do more creative work and delve deeper into her pool of creativity. 

Richard Honan (a.k.a. mohecan, raphecan, touché, punt, lsd, kudos, cara2che)

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