Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Equilibrium at Clarendon Recovery College / Paul Blackman

Clarendon Recovery College is a place where I come to the magazine group, Equilibrium. I come on a Friday. It starts at 2.30pm. I come here and I write about many different topics. I also go into the library and read many different things. I have been coming for about three weeks. I hope that I will gain good skills so I can move on and get a job or go and study until I get one. Maybe by studying I will get a certificate. I may write something they will put in their magazine, called Equilibrium*.

I enjoy writing because I like to write about different things, such as articles, books, maybe poems. I started writing a couple of years back, first at 684, then Barnet College, then Crisis, then Alexandra Palace, then Mind. Now I write at the Clarendon Centre. I am also writing a book about the life of King Henry VIII. I am learning to write at City Lit. I enjoy writing. I wish one day I could become a good writer, perhaps writing books or for the newspaper. 

* Paul is very pleased we have!

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