Friday, 2 August 2013

Healthy Living Tips - Marco Lanzarote

Wellbeing advice crops up all the time in the media, and magazines abound in it. One I was handed from Glamour, entitled “50 Genius Tweaks for a better you”, may provide a little light reading for those interested in getting more out of life. Here’s a small selection of their suggestions:

Saying ‘No’ seven times a day can give you back an hour a day to yourself.

According to a study, pets can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

You can treat anxiety naturally with an amino acid called L-Theanine which has the effect of relaxing you.

Quit Smoking – Eat Veg. A medical journal found that smokers who ate 4 portions of veg a day had better chance of staying smoke free for a year. Apparently veg curbs your craving by making cigarettes taste bad.

Try whey protein as “the unsung hero of morning meals”. Added to porridge, yogurt or a smoothie, it helps you stay full till lunchtime.

Cinnamon regulates blood sugar levels to control hunger.

Open University researchers found that flicking through old photos boosts your mood, even more than music, tv, alcohol or chocolate.

Count your thoughts when your mind is racing.

A lack of face to face relationships is the biggest cause of depression, says a Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health, so talk to someone after every social media session.

If you have any more health or lifestyle tips, why not send them in to Equilibrium?

Marco Lanzarote. 

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