Friday, 25 October 2013

Man MOT is coming to Haringey

There’s an exciting new project coming to Haringey which could make it far easier for men to access the health advice they need - especially for more difficult subjects such as mental health.

A three year project funded by the Department of Health, Haringey Man MOT is being run by the Men’s Health Forum and their partners at Haringey Council and the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. 

Man MOT will offer a free, confidential online health advice service through which men can ‘chat’ directly to a GP or other health professional, about any health problem at all via a computer, tablet or smart phone. No appointment is needed. The Men’s Health Forum has trialled the basic Man MOT concept and are now refining it by working on its design and delivery with the men of one borough - Haringey. To do this, we need to talk to the men who might use it and to the health professionals who might deliver it. 

The initial pilot suggested that ease and immediacy of use and the choice to remain anonymous made it easier for men to discuss taboo topics such as how they were feeling. To develop this, we particularly want the input of people with lived experience of dealing with mental health challenges.

We’re looking for Haringey men of all ages and all backgrounds to help in many different ways:
fill in a survey online or face to face or by phone
take part in face to face interviews going into more depth
join focus groups with other men to help with the research
check out some of our ideas and tell us what you think.

If you’d like to do any or all of these, please get in touch with me using the email address below.

If you’re health professional interested in male health, technology and putting something back into the community we also want to hear from you. You can help:

On the other side of the screen by ‘chatting’ to men in ‘virtual surgeries’
By advising on how we can improve and develop the service 
Taking part in our Project Advisory Group (PAG)
Helping us connect with patients who can advise us on their side of the experience

Man MOT will enable men to ‘chat’ directly to you online. All the health professional needs is a computer. No surgery, no (missed) appointments, no needless visits to A&E, it’s so much easier for everyone. Most of our consultation with you and any virtual surgeries you do will be from a location to suit you. Full training will be provided for using the technology. More information on the project can be found on our website:
Without the help and support of ther men of the borough and committed health professionals this project cannot work. Please contact  HYPERLINK “” if you would like to help us make a difference. 

Jim Pollard,
Haringey Man MOT project manager

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