Friday, 2 August 2013

The South Bank Festival - Dev

The South Bank is based in an area of Central London, located immediately adjacent to the south bank of the River Thames.  As an area the South Bank is famous as a cultural hub; it is full of anything to do with the arts or any creativity. 

I stumbled on this place when I was wondering around the Trafalgar Square area, as I ended up at the foot of a large white bridge which was close to the Embankment tube station. As I crossed over I was taken aback by the view and the train thundering by at full speed. 

The area is full of activity and liveliness. Each section of the area is split into different activities. There are sites full of entertainment, and food and drink areas (although some are quite expensive). You could say they tend to intermix. The Entertainment area allows people to perform (street performers). One group I came across was two men perform the YMCA and other songs whilst dancing with masks of famous people doing that song (imostly that don’t fit the song). As I continued to walk along I came across a person dressed in bronze on a throne and with a stick; as I looked further it seemed the person had no head! Thinking I was seeing things, I automatically rubbed my eyes and looked again. During this time a young boy walked up with his mother, touching the bronze person. As he did that the bronze person’s head popped up, causing them to scream and laugh. I must admit, it was pretty funny.

Another act that I came across was a woman dressed as an animal in a rather small basket on a table. Her face was like a young badger and you could only see the head and the front legs. Every time someone got near her she would sound like a baby. This, as you probably guessed, drew some people, and their money, to her.

The other act was of a man creating triangle, square and star shaped bubbles and they were large, at least four foot. This intrigued the children whilst covering them in a large bubble.

Alongside all these entertainments are the Royal Festival Hall, British Film Institute, galleries, theatres, restaurants, shops, some strange art works, the BMX bike track, and the ‘Udderbelly’, another entertainment area.

The south bank art gallery was full of unique art pieces like book mazes and floating instruments among photos and sculptures. Along the riverbank was a string of window frames dangling sideways, upside down. It was rather odd seeing them.

On my way back, I came across the Udderbelly entertainment area. This consisted of a drinks, food, and play area with a building that was of an upside down purple cow with underbelly t-shirts.

I would recommend a visit to the Southbank this summer, as there are lots of things going on. 

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