Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Farewell to Polly!

After 7 years as facilitator of Equilibrium I am moving on in a few weeks. As a team we have managed to move Equilibrium from a 4 page newssheet to a longer paper based version and then (as now) to a limitless electronic space – corralled into online magazine format as well as being on our blog: We have embraced Twitter too and tried to broaden our readership.

What will I miss? Countless things – the chat, the winter sing-alongs (Mamma Mia Mamma Mia) with Marcia’s fab harmonies uh huh, the mice in St Ann’s, countless cakes (latest being a fab eggless confection with fruit and flakes – thanks Gavin!), picnics in the park and the Claralympics (qv), Marco Lanzarote, Nigel Prestatyn and Olive, Ant’s super skills in all things designy and his absolute faith in ‘organic management’, the ‘indoor sparkler event’, sitting on important chairs in the training room, chats about everything from vitamin D to the Ugandan royal family, Gavin’s total faith in our abilities, and the collective effort to try and make a 

I slope off now down the road in N8 and hand over to Kate – who I’m sure will bring Equi out of the digital shadows. I will continue to try and keep wellbeing on the map and keep up my obsession with trying to improve the lives of those with some form of distress. As recovery is more prevalent in the developing world than in the UK, and in lots of ways the ‘treatments’ on offer vary little from how they were 60 years ago (ECT, strong drugs etc), there’s so much room for change. I will still contribute and really look forward to each fresh issue of Equilibrium.

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