Wednesday, 14 November 2012

2 Notes from Marco Lanzarote

1) If you have ever been a smoker and wondered after you stopped how, or if, your lungs could return to normal function then the answer could be eat plenty of broccoli.

Researchers at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland have found that apart from helping to prevent cancer, broccoli may also have beneficial effects on the lungs.

The article in New Scientist (23.04.11) states that white blood cells called macrophages help clean the lungs and guard against infection.

The chemical pathway that performs this task is wiped out by smoking.

“Sulphoraphane, a plant chemical that is made by broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables- can restore this pathway.” So, give up smoking and eat plenty of broccoli.

2) A news article in Asylum magazine (autumn 2012) reports briefly on research published by the LSE on the millions of pounds wasted in the NHS “due to the lack of proper mental health treatment”, and suggests the appointment of a special cabinet minister to deal with the issue.

The article estimates that “of the 6.1 million people with treatable anxiety or depression in England, only 131000(or 2.1%) received talking therapy.

The coalition, whose Care Services Minister Paul Burstow is advising that £400 ,million is being invested “to make sure that talking therapies are available to all people of all ages who need them”

Mental ill health costs society £105 billion per year…I have always been clear that it should be treated as seriously as physical health problems. (Asylun News p11)

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