Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Owing to many factors – one being that none of us are champion sportspeople and to the various reasons why that is – age,  ability, being hampered by various conditions and/or the drugs given for them, etc etc we decided to have our own Olympics in the park this summer.
official adjudicator 

The Claralympics took place on an afternoon of mixed weather -  in Priory Park, N8. Sadly Clare Balding was otherwise engaged but we managed to have a smashing picnic of artichoke tartlets, pistachios and fruit and started our games in earnest with no commentator but ourselves. For those who were happier seated on the ground we had ‘Throw the ball into the bag’ and ‘How many pistachios can you peel in 1 minute’. This last game was judged by our own personal Games Maker Lizzy (in uniform) who happened to be passing at the time and joined us.

Then we segued onto the more challenging part of the games – The Richard 3 Banana Race followed by Anarchist Rounders. Dev won the R3 race, and Anarchist Rounders is designed to have no winners. Based loosely on Monty Pythons Philosopher’s Football Match, there are no rules and everyone wins and loses.  Posts are marked by apple juice cartons.
There were no prizes but everyone had a laurel branch to put in their hair (like in Ancient Greece) and went home happy.

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