Monday, 6 August 2012

What’s in a name?

Nicknames are a common place; many cultures use this to refer to without mentioning the person’s forename. Sometimes names come are reference to their physical aspects a friend of mine used to wear large square glasses, hence he was called See fax another friend was built as an tree and was called Frankenstein. As for me I used to be known as Spam-head because my fore-head was as big as a pigs behind, spam meaning being 90’s terminology, or  known as Gorbachov
(former president of USSR). 

With each age group the type of nickname changes but they are sometimes dependant on a persons actions or the way they behave. For example a person that is too much into technology like me maybe called tecy in the 2000’s or a geek, 90’s term or square eyes in the 80’s. At times it could be used as a point of reference with out using that person’s name. This could be used to protect the person’s identity. Mostly it’s done by using speech marks to show that it is not their name.

Sometimes it is as I mention above it could be about the way they behave. For instance a person with only his legs moving and the rest standing still could be called Beeny. Or even a person who cracks jokes all the time could be known as the Joker.  Even a person who can not keep a secret can was known as Microphone. On a serious note it could be used as a way of insulting a person with out saying their name i.e. Mop-head, specs, butter fingers even fat head. These types of reference are stated to directly insult a person. To the person doing that it makes him or her feel bigger.

Sometimes people give people silly names like Coochipoo, Bubbles, Hunky, Tweetypie, Sweet lips, Hunky- pie and many more. I do not why they use these names. But it is obviouse that people will find out that so and so has that name, and would cause them embarrassment.

This is not just used in one single country but globally. And in each country they use their own nick names indigenous to their country. Sometimes it could be used to hide a persons identity if they are doing something illegal i.e. hacking, robbery, grafity etc. Sometime to hide they are using a sudanim (nick name), they call it a tag. If you look at grafity all they are is the persons tag name. To be honest nicknames should only be used as a point of reference either if you are protecting a person or you don’t remember their name. 

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