Monday, 6 August 2012


The name dyslexia can be described as a learning disorder which causes difficulty in areas of reading, writing, and numeracy. Or nontechnical known as word blindness. This is a general term, because for each person it could be different. For example one person maybe good at math’s and physics like Albert Einstein, another maybe good at language like William Shakespeare, and someone else maybe good at creative things, whilst being bad in other areas. In this case both of them had Dyslexia.

Another description which I find more appropriate is abnormal brain may have ten neurons connected to both sides of the brain allowing the information to move in between both sides of the brain more frequently. Where as a dyslexic brain have may have the same amount of neurons but some lets say half were not linked to the other side of the brain. This means that the information from one side to another takes more time to travel between hemispheres. 

This does not mean that dyslexic can not do well. The thing is you have to remember that it is very frustrating for us. When we are in “normal society” we try to fit in but sometimes it takes several tries to get into our heads. So what happens we have to use visual methods (colors, drawings, videos, flowchart etc) to help us? In some cases we use humor to get ourselves noticed. Dyslexic do not want their weakness to hinder them in their chosen fields. Many dyslexic thrive in their respected fields. Now a day’s dyslexia is found and treated very early. There are however some people who do not find out till their later years.

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