Friday, 20 April 2012

Decisions Decisions

There’s a lot of talk about ‘shared decision making’ in the NHS right now. Many mental health patients say that they do not feel that they are properly listened to or that their expertise is not valued in the consultation, but it’s clear that many health professionals are quite evangelical about working in partnership with service users to determine the best approach to care.
Indeed, it’s a core principle of evidence-based medicine that clinicians should integrate the best research evidence with their own clini- cal expertise and the values and preferences of the patient. It’s impossible to do this prop- erly without some degree of shared decision making.
Information gathering 
Training in psychiatry 
Intuition and experience
Evidence-based practice 
Cognitive reasoning 
Uncontrollable factors 
Multidisciplinary team influences
Interesting to see no patients on that list Training in shared decision making was highly accepted by patients and changed attitudes toward participation in decision making. There were some hints that it might generate benefi- cial long-term effects.

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