Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mind Journeys Exhibition with Exposure

Bruce Castle museum had a fantastic art exhibition representing young people and their own personal experiences with mental health. All of the art work has been created by those young people. Also, there were a series of short films recalling times of difficulties to cope with life and how it has affected them for various reasons. It has enables many to build their confidence through those projects as they somehow manage their mental health condition better. 

In one of the video’s Takeo imagines himself as a Japanese warrior. The music theme of the film is quiet soothing and peaceful, although he seems struggling a battle… 

Vicky’s endured psychological problems due to bullying. She felt isolated and suicidal; it has affected her confidence although she has achieved good GCSE grades. Vicky’s short video was moving and impressive!

All of the short films were great to watch and inspiring. However, one of my favourite portrayed with three different young people experiencing traumatic events following the use of drugs and drinking alcohol was quiet moving and intense. It pictured perfectly well how often it could affect anyone mental state to struggle with problems in life i.e. relationships and their difficulties, some issues that become addiction, one’s admission to hospital.

 In fact it makes you think and wonder why it can be so painful and devastating for anyone to go through anything like it. Quite often, many young people will find secondary school challenging as they discover they are entering the beginning phase of adulthood in a way; as they start to experience various and complex challenges to deal with which can have an impact on their well being at a later stage.

Siham Beleh 

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