Thursday, 8 March 2012

Emergence Plus Exhibition

Emergence Plus has organised alongside Whitechapel Gallery some attractive exhibition that I went along to. I was really looking forward to it as I haven’t managed to attend a number of their events for sometime... Daniel Lehan, an artist at the Gallery patiently talked us through the whole of the exhibition; looking at one of the spectacular painting by Wilhem Sasnal (a young boy sitting on the edge of a lake) inspired by Georges Seurat’s work Bathers at Asnieres (1884) Daniel clearly demonstrated plenty of knowledge in the subject of Arts and most of all made the whole show quite appealing. 

As his approach towards people was open and friendly; many felt at ease in sharing their views and asking questions.  Whilst following the tour, I noticed some newcomers and tried to interact with as many as I could. A graphic painting by the the same artist illustrated a camp concentration image; using mainly black colours of a high up bunk bed and a high crossed fence with a white background, it personally associated the painting with lots of darkness and sadness.  Unfortunately, I was unable to take any photos... 

Despite several stunning and beautiful paintings all around the Gallery, there was a particular one that really amazed my curiosity; it portrayed David Bowie standing between many thoughts... a pair of lungs?  A pair of ears or an apple for some! My straight symbolic perception of it was a heart divided with different  kinds of love ... The exhibition was accompanied by Sasnal’s acclaimed shorts and feature films screened as part of the events programme. Also, the show was followed by the Government Art Collection display of various artists work.  

Finally, Daniel invited us all for some tea and tempting chocolates biscuits whilst still showing interest in what the group individually thought and or any comments they would have liked to share. There was this genuine awareness of such a warm atmosphere throughout the whole event! It makes you and truly made me realise how important deep within that happiness doesn’t just come - we make it happen! And one of the keys is being open to others and acknowledges their presence. Siham

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