Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Facts: Strange But True!!!!

Here are 21 facts that you might not know, but are all true - even though they might seem strange!

1. Crocodiles have over 240 teeth in their entire life.
2. The world’s shortest man, Pinping, is only 2ft 7inches tall.
3. The 14-foot-long narwhal is a whale whose teeth can reach up to eight feet long.
4. Night butterflies have ears on their wings so they can avoid bats.
5. The T-Rex had a jaw strong enough to chop a person a half in one bite.
6. Female triceratops wore ‘make up’ (painted their faces) to attract male triceratops.
7. Chimps have their own form of political elections within their groups.
8. Baby robins eat 14 feet of earthworms every day.
9. Indian police are known to have the largest beer bellies in the world; in one case, an officer had a waste size that was triple his chest size.
10. Cows in India can cause traffic jams for miles.
11. The largest sandwich is over 3ft long.
12.  A tiny lizard called a Tiktiky can sever its tail and grow another within two weeks.
13. The act of kicking a football, when in space, can cause a person to move 500 yards backwards, due to the lack of gravity.
14. There are worms that are 4ft long.
15.  A baby Giraffe can already be over 5ft tall when it is born.
16.  An insect called a Mayfair only lives for 8 hours.
17.  An Astronaut sees about 36 sunrises and 35 sunsets in one mission.
18.  When the Mayans played football, they used the head of the losing captain as a ball for the next game.
19.  Dragonflies can fly up to 50 miles per hour.
20.  The first light bulb was actually created by the Egyptians.
21.  An ancient ruler of North East India is known to have over a 101 
             children and out of 100 only one was a daughter.

By Dev

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